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Family: Long March. Country: China. Status: Hardware. Other Designations: Long March 1D.

Proposed launch vehicle derived from the CZ-1, but with a new N2O4/UDMH second stage. Used for a suborbital re-entry vehicle test but never flown on an orbital mission.


Launches: 1. Failures: 0. Success Rate: 100.00% pct. First Launch Date: 01 June 1995. Last Launch Date: 01 June 1995. LEO Payload: 740 kg. to: 300 km Orbit. Payload: 440 kg. to a: Geosynchronous transfer trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 112,290 kgf. Total Mass: 79,400 kg. Core Diameter: 2.3 m. Total Length: 28.2 m. Launch Price $: 12.00 million. in 1994 price dollars.

CZ-1D Chronology

1995 Jun 1 - Launch Site: Jiuquan .


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