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Family: Long March. Country: China. Status: Design.

China's new generation launch vehicle as announced in February 2001 was to be a modular design that consisted of three types of core stages with diameters of 2.25 m, 3.35 m and 5.0 m and two types of engines using Lox/Kerosene and Lox/LH2. Various models of heavy launcher were planned based on the 5.0 m core stage + 3.35 m strap-ons. Also planned were a 3.35 m core stage + 2.25 m strap-ons medium launcher and a 2.25 m core small launcher. The new launcher was to be capable of lifting up to 25 tonnes to LEO and up to 13 tonnes to GTO.


LEO Payload: 25,000 kg. to: 300 km Orbit. Payload: 15,000 kg. to a: geosynchronous transfer orbit trajectory. Core Diameter: 5.0 m.

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