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Family: Missile. Country: Russia. Status: Hardware.

Burlak air-launched satellite launcher was proposed in 1992 and studied by Germany in 1992-1994. Evidently based on secret anti-satellite missile. Air launched from Tu-160 bomber, released at 13,500 m altitude and Mach 1.7. Development estimated to cost only DM 50 million, but not proceeded with. Burlak/Diana variant would have been launched from Concorde.


LEO Payload: 1,100 kg. to: 200 km Orbit. Payload: 550 kg. to a: 1000 km polar orbit trajectory. Liftoff Thrust: 30,800 kgf. Total Mass: 27,400 kg. Core Diameter: 1.6 m. Total Length: 19.0 m. Launch Price $: 5.00 million. in 1994 price dollars.

Burlak Chronology

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