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Family: Winged. Country: USA. Status: Study, Martin Marrietta, 1994.

Winged, first stage of a launch vehicle using aerial refueling and existing engines. Takes off from runway; rendezvous with tanker to load oxidizer; then flies to Mach 12/150 nm to release Star 48V second stage and 450 kg payload. In comparison to Black Horse, uses existing engines and a much more achievable mass fraction by only flying to half orbital speed.


LEO Payload: 450 kg. to: 200 km Orbit. at: 0.0 degrees. Liftoff Thrust: 40,998 kgf. Total Mass: 43,160 kg. Core Diameter: 4.6 m. Total Length: 48.0 m. Flyaway Unit Cost $: 4.10 million. in 1985 unit dollars.


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