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Black Horse Profile
Black Horse Profile
Mission profile for the proposed Black Horse air-refuelable launch vehicle. The Black Horse would, lightly loaded, take off horizontally from a runway and rendezvous with a tanker for in-flight fuelling of non-cyrogenic lower specific impulse propellants. The Black Horse would then boost itself to suborbital velocity, releasing an upper stage for orbital insertion of its payload. The winged vehicle would then return to its base for a runway landing and reuse.

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Family: Winged. Country: USA. Status: Study, USAF, 1993.

Winged, single stage to orbit launch vehicle using aerial refueling and lower performance, non-cryogenic propellants. Takes off from runway at 22,000 kg gross weight; rendezvous with tanker to load 66,760 kg oxidizer; then flies to orbit.

Black HorseBlack Horse

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LEO Payload: 450 kg. to: 200 km Orbit. at: 0.0 degrees. Liftoff Thrust: 45,193 kgf. Total Mass: 84,100 kg. Core Diameter: 6.3 m. Total Length: 69.0 m.


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