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Family: Delta. Country: USA. Status: Study.

Proposed launch vehicle for large SDI 'Star Wars' payloads. Expected to cost $ 400-500 million, the Barbarian could place the Zenith-Star chemical laser into low earth orbit. It would consist of 3 Shuttle SRM's, attached around a ring of six Delta RS-27 first stage boosters, which in turn clustered around a single Delta first stage booster that was the last stage of the launch vehicle.


LEO Payload: 45,400 kg. to: 300 km Orbit. at: 28.0 degrees. Liftoff Thrust: 3,649,519 kgf. Total Mass: 2,500,000 kg. Core Diameter: 2.4 m. Total Length: 31.0 m. Launch Price $: 500.00 million. in 1987 price dollars.


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