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Athena Rocket
Athena Rocket - Athena Sounding Rocket

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Family: Sounding Rockets.

The Athena was designed to simulate the re-entry environment of an intercontinental ballistic missile and was one of the few examples of sustained interstate missile tests within the United States. The project was begun in February 1964 with the first of several hundred launches from Green River, Utah, to impact points in the US Army's White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The vehicle would reach altitudes of over 300 km and peak velocities of 6700 m/s on a trajectory that would lead to impact 760 km from the launch point. By August 1965 85 flights had been completed in a series of 149 that was to run to 1969. The US Army ran the instrumented test range while the USAF Space and Missile Systems Organization was the program manager.


Launches: 149. First Launch Date: 01 February 1964. Last Launch Date: 01 December 1969. Total Mass: 7,300 kg. Core Diameter: 0.8 m. Total Length: 15.2 m.

Athena Chronology

- 1964 February -
- 1965 August -
- 1969 -

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