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Family: Missile. Country: USSR. Status: Study. Article Number: 8K79.

From 1960 to 1961 Korolev's design bureau worked on this single stage military rocket. The 25 tonne missile could hurl an 800 kg warhead over a 2300 km range. It was powered by a single-chamber engine using AK-270/TM-185 storable propellants. The rocket featured automatic guidance, instantaneous launch capability, and was air-transportable. Both mobile and fixed versions were designed, and the small missile was easy to camouflage. Korolev completed work in September 1961. A competing missile was selected for the requirement.


Payload: 800 kg. to a: 2300 km range trajectory. Total Mass: 25,000 kg.

8K79 Chronology

- 1961 September -


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