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Scout -

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Solid-fuel, light payload, lower-cost launch vehicle developed in the late 1950's and used in a variety of configurations over thirty years. The Scout was a four-stage, solid-fuelled rocket developed to provide the United States with a reliable, versatile and cost-effective launch vehicle for a variety of space exploration tasks - orbital, high altitude probe, and high speed re-entry. Developed by NASA, the vehicle was produced by LTV Aerospace's Missiles and Space Division, which also provides systems management. The first US solid-propellant rocket capable of placing payloads in orbit, Scout had important roles in the space programs of NASA and the Department of Defense plus those of the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and the 10-nation European Space Research Organisation (ESRO). Scout was launched in the United States from NASA’s Wallops Island, Virginia, and by Air Force crews from the Western Test Range in California. A third site - the Italian San Marco sea-based platform off the east coast of Africa-made possible launches along the equator. Early Scouts were capable of boosting less than 150 kg into a nominal 500-km orbit. Performance was increased by development of a fifth stage velocity package. Prime Contractor: LTV Aerospace Corporation, a subsidiary of Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc. Associate Contractors: Aerojet General (first stage); Thiokol Chemical (second stage); Hercules Powder Company (third stage); United Technology Center (fourth stage); Honeywell (guidance).

Launch Vehicle: Blue Scout 1. Air Force version of Scout used for suborbital tests.

Launch Vehicle: Blue Scout 2. Air Force version of Scout used for suborbital and orbital military tests.

Launch Vehicle: Scout X-1.

Launch Vehicle: Blue Scout Junior. Smaller Air Force version of Scout used for suborbital military tests.

Launch Vehicle: RAM-B. Satellite launch vehicle based on X-17.

Launch Vehicle: Scout X-2.

Launch Vehicle: Scout X-3.

Launch Vehicle: Scout X-4.

Launch Vehicle: Scout A. All-solid low cost lightweight launch vehicle.

Launch Vehicle: Scout B.

Launch Vehicle: Scout A-1.

Launch Vehicle: Scout D.

Launch Vehicle: Scout F.

Launch Vehicle: Scout G.

Launch Vehicle: Advanced Scout. Proposed Scout with strap-ons for launch from Italy's San Marco platform. Not developed.

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