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ICBM-Derived LVs
ICBM-Derived LVs
The range of launch vehicles derived from decommissioned ballistic missiles offered for sale by Russia after the cold war.

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The Makeyev OKB was formed in the 1950's to put into production the storable-liquid fuel R-11 and naval R-11FM missiles. It went on to design and manufacture the descendents of these missiles, the infamous Scud-B and nearly all of Russia's submarine-launched ballistic missiles. In the 1990's Makeyev and other OKB's marketed a confusing array of surplus SLBM-derived launch vehicles, launched from the ground, air, sea, or underwater.

Launch Vehicle: R-17.

The final refinement of the R-11 design, the R-17, was exported and became infamous around the world as the Scud-B. Perhaps the most famous ballistic missile of the post-war period due to its use in the Iran-Iraq 'War of the Cities' and the Gulf War. This was the definitive production version of what was essentially a storable-propellant rocket with the perforamnce of the V-2. The original design was by Makeyev but the missile itself was produced by the Votkinsk Machine Building Plant.

Launch Vehicle: Zyb. Based on SS-N-6 SLBM. Suborbital; 17-24 min zero G. Payload volume 1.5 cu. m. Payload 650 kg to 1800 km or 1000 kg to 1000 km.

Launch Vehicle: Rif-MA. Derived from SS-N-20 (RSM-52) SLBM. Air-launched from An-124. Ignition mass 79 tonnes.

Launch Vehicle: Shtil-3N. Based on SS-N-23 (RSM-54) SLBM with new 3d and additional 4th stages. Stationary launch. Liftoff mass 46 tonnes.

Launch Vehicle: Priboy/Surf. Launch vehicle using the 1st stage of the SS-N-20 SLBM topped by an SS-N-23 SLBM (RSM-52+RSM-54). Liftoff mass 104 tonnes. Can be launched from stationary or mobile platforms.

Launch Vehicle: Riksha. New design launch vehicle based on SLBM technology.

Launch Vehicle: Shtil-2/2N. Based on SS-N-23 (RSM-54) SLBM with a special shroud. Liftoff mass 40 tonnes. Stationary launch platform.

Launch Vehicle: Shtil-3A. Aerokosmos. Based on SS-N-23 (RSM-54) SLBM. Air launched. Liftoff mass 46 tonnes.

Launch Vehicle: Volna. Based on SS-N-18 (RSM-50) SLBM. Suborbital, orbital versions. Payload volume 1.3 cu. m. Payload 115 kg to 3000 km or 1250 kg to 200 km. Liftoff mass 34 tonnes.

Launch Vehicle: Vysota. Based on SS-N-8 (RSM-40) SLBM. Suborbital; 30-55 min zero G. Payload volume 0.7 cu. m. Payload 115 kg to 5200 km or 1150 kg to 200 km. Liftoff mass 33 tonnes.

Launch Vehicle: Shtil-1/1N. Based on SS-N-23 (RSM-54) SLBM.

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