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MV-1B -

Credit: NASDA. 16,821 bytes. 195 x 330 pixels.

Comments: Japanese launch vehicles, except for the 'N' series which were license-built versions of the US Delta.
Launch Vehicle: L-4S. First Japanese orbital launch vehicle.

Launch Vehicle: Mu-3S.

Launch Vehicle: H-1.

Launch Vehicle: H-2.

Launch Vehicle: J-1. All-solid rocket motor launch vehicle. Because of the high cost, an alternate J-1 F2 design was developed.

Launch Vehicle: M-V. All-solid satellite launch vehicle.

Launch Vehicle: H-2 HIMES.

Launch Vehicle: H-2A 2024. Low-cost version of H-2 developed for the commercial market. The two SRB-A solid rocket boosters can be supplemented by 4 smaller SSB solid boosters. 0 or 2 SSB's can be fitted for reduced 9,940 kg or 10,740 kg LEO payloads.

Launch Vehicle: J-1 F2. All-solid rocket motor launch vehicle. Lower cost alternate to the original J-1 design. Uses the SRB-A of the H-2A vehicle as the first stage, the second and third stages of the J-1, with updated avionics.

Launch Vehicle: H-2A 212. Low-cost version of H-2 developed for the commercial market. This version uses two core stages side-by-side in an asymmetric configuration, supplemented by two SRB solid rocket boosters.

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