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Shenzhou recovery Jettison of drogue chute.
File Name: p9chutea.jpg. Image width: 203 pixels. Image height: 206 pixels. Image size: 4,821 bytes.
Shenzhou recovery Drogue shoot deployment.
File Name: p9chuteb.jpg. Image width: 218 pixels. Image height: 229 pixels. Image size: 9,486 bytes.
Shenzhou recovery Main chute deployment.
File Name: p9chutec.jpg. Image width: 212 pixels. Image height: 272 pixels. Image size: 9,297 bytes.
Shenzhou recovery Main chute deployment.
File Name: p9chuted.jpg. Image width: 224 pixels. Image height: 424 pixels. Image size: 13,800 bytes.
Shenzhou Cockpit View of cockpit of Shenzhou cockpit transmitted to the ground during the flight. The instruments have a Soyuz-like layout but represent more modern looking aircraft instrumentation.
File Name: p9cockpt.jpg. Image width: 359 pixels. Image height: 359 pixels. Image size: 25,555 bytes.
Shenzhou Frame from Chinese animation of Shenzhou in flight. The orbital module is separating prior to the retrofire maneuver.
File Name: p9full.jpg. Image width: 279 pixels. Image height: 231 pixels. Image size: 11,445 bytes.
Shenzhou In-orbit view of Shenzhou spacecraft
File Name: p9inorb.jpg. Image width: 335 pixels. Image height: 265 pixels. Image size: 6,095 bytes.
Shenzhou in orbit Shenzhou as it would appear in orbit.
Credit: © Simon Zajc. File Name: p9inorb2.jpg. Image width: 588 pixels. Image height: 343 pixels. Image size: 31,335 bytes.
Peking Control Cente New Beijing Aerospace Directing and Controlling Center during first flight of Shenzhou. Note positioning of tracking ships in southern hemisphere. Retrofire over East Africa would lead to recovery in Inner Mongolia.
File Name: p9mc20.jpg. Image width: 616 pixels. Image height: 463 pixels. Image size: 51,377 bytes.
Shenzhou Orbital Mod Shenzhou orbital module in the shop. Note the fixed solar panels, the large lateral hatch and window, and the forward docking collar. This is much larger than the Russian Soyuz module and it may be intended that they be left behind at the 921-2 space station, forming additional modules. Credit: Via Simon Zajc. File Name: p9omshop.jpg. Image width: 427 pixels. Image height: 282 pixels. Image size: 17,855 bytes.
Shenzhou retrofire Chinese animation of Shenzhou retrofire. The orbital module has already been jettisoned.
File Name: p9retro1.jpg. Image width: 430 pixels. Image height: 320 pixels. Image size: 14,688 bytes.
Shenzhou re-entry Separation of re-entry capsule from service module prior to re-entry. This is the best available picture of the Shenzhou manned spacecraft. From a Chinese animation of the first mission.
File Name: p9retro2.jpg. Image width: 303 pixels. Image height: 172 pixels. Image size: 6,931 bytes.
CZ-2F Shroud Close-up of CZ-2F shroud during first mission.
File Name: p9shrd.jpg. Image width: 625 pixels. Image height: 458 pixels. Image size: 82,567 bytes.
Shroud Comparison. Comparison of CZ-2F shroud & that of Soyuz (right) at the same scale. If the Shenzhou spacecraft was the same size as Soyuz (center) the shroud would be much too large. Therefore the spacecraft and capsule must be significantly larger than Soyuz (left).
File Name: p9shrdco.jpg. Image width: 357 pixels. Image height: 404 pixels. Image size: 34,527 bytes.
Pakistan Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: pakisflg.gif. Image width: 32 pixels. Image height: 20 pixels. Image size: 1,242 bytes.
Panama Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: panamflg.gif. Image width: 32 pixels. Image height: 20 pixels. Image size: 1,284 bytes.
Panel Soyuz 7K-L1 Control panel of the circumlunar version of Soyuz.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: panell1.gif. Image width: 723 pixels. Image height: 288 pixels. Image size: 12,497 bytes.
Panel Soyuz 7K-OK Control panel of the initial earth orbit version of Soyuz.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: panelok.gif. Image width: 723 pixels. Image height: 288 pixels. Image size: 11,752 bytes.
Panel Soyuz TM Control panel of the Soyuz T/TM later version of the space station ferry vehicle..
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: paneltm.gif. Image width: 763 pixels. Image height: 287 pixels. Image size: 15,023 bytes.
Paracone File Name: paracone.jpg. Image width: 261 pixels. Image height: 304 pixels. Image size: 16,621 bytes.
Paris Gun in Shop File Name: parisgn1.jpg. Image width: 303 pixels. Image height: 394 pixels. Image size: 34,171 bytes.
Paris Gun Deployed File Name: parisgn2.jpg. Image width: 330 pixels. Image height: 288 pixels. Image size: 16,364 bytes.
Parus File Name: parus.jpg. Image width: 264 pixels. Image height: 328 pixels. Image size: 24,186 bytes.
Peenemuende Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: peene.gif. Image width: 406 pixels. Image height: 400 pixels. Image size: 6,827 bytes.
Pegasus File Name: pegaslv.jpg. Image width: 530 pixels. Image height: 189 pixels. Image size: 26,740 bytes.
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