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OTV Turtle 2 Space Tug. This illustration (from 1984) depicts a manned space tug returning to a space station from geostationary or lunar orbit. The vehicle passes through the Earth's atmosphere to slow down; its aeroshell is heated to thousands of degrees by kinetic friction. The small cylinder is the crew module. Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: otvtrtl2.jpg. Image width: 448 pixels. Image height: 381 pixels. Image size: 30,018 bytes.
OMV - TRW - 1986 Orbital Manoeuvring Vehicle - TRW,1986. The TRW Orbital Transfer Vehicle could also be equipped with enlarged propellant tanks for demanding missions.
Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: otvtrw86.jpg. Image width: 398 pixels. Image height: 454 pixels. Image size: 39,088 bytes.
Mercury II Station Credit: NASA. File Name: outpost.gif. Image width: 502 pixels. Image height: 281 pixels. Image size: 9,733 bytes.
OV1 Credit: USAF. File Name: ov1.jpg. Image width: 339 pixels. Image height: 296 pixels. Image size: 33,780 bytes.
OV2 Credit: USAF. File Name: ov2.jpg. Image width: 290 pixels. Image height: 390 pixels. Image size: 24,983 bytes.
OV-2-5 Credit: USAF Museum. File Name: ov25.jpg. Image width: 452 pixels. Image height: 269 pixels. Image size: 24,962 bytes.
OV3 Credit: USAF. File Name: ov3.jpg. Image width: 261 pixels. Image height: 331 pixels. Image size: 25,229 bytes.
Overberg Test Range Credit: Mark Wade. File Name: overberg.gif. Image width: 669 pixels. Image height: 313 pixels. Image size: 12,563 bytes.
Owl Credit: USAF. File Name: owl.jpg. Image width: 280 pixels. Image height: 315 pixels. Image size: 24,662 bytes.
Shenzhou Shenzhou, name of first Chinese manned spacecraft, as named by President Zemin.
File Name: p91szcar.gif. Image width: 273 pixels. Image height: 227 pixels. Image size: 2,251 bytes.
921-1 Spacecraft Project 921-1 spacecraft in orbit.
Credit: © Simon Zajc. File Name: p9211pic.jpg. Image width: 360 pixels. Image height: 338 pixels. Image size: 23,150 bytes.
921-2 Station/Earth Project 921-2 space station in orbit.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: p9212pic.jpg. Image width: 331 pixels. Image height: 393 pixels. Image size: 34,047 bytes.
921-3 Booster This Chinese picture of computer simulated flow around a space shuttle-like shape might represent the booster stage of the 921-3 reusable spacecraft.
Credit: © Heritage Foundation. File Name: p9213boo.jpg. Image width: 485 pixels. Image height: 408 pixels. Image size: 22,830 bytes.
921-3 Orbiter This wind tunnel model of a Dynasoar-like spaceplane may represent the orbiter stage of the 921-3 reusable spacecraft.
Credit: © Heritage Foundation. File Name: p9213orb.jpg. Image width: 580 pixels. Image height: 258 pixels. Image size: 25,410 bytes.
Shenzhou Shenzhou manned spacecraft.
File Name: p921911a.jpg. Image width: 400 pixels. Image height: 130 pixels. Image size: 8,272 bytes.
Shenzhou 2 View of Shenzhou spacecraft.
File Name: p921911b.jpg. Image width: 640 pixels. Image height: 234 pixels. Image size: 18,690 bytes.
Shenzhou Capsule Photo of Shenzhou capsule at landing site. This reveals it to be the same size and shape as the Russian Soyuz capsule.
Credit: Via Chen Lan. File Name: p921capl.jpg. Image width: 370 pixels. Image height: 230 pixels. Image size: 14,985 bytes.
CZ-2F Rollout File Name: p921lv1.jpg. Image width: 328 pixels. Image height: 444 pixels. Image size: 30,840 bytes.
CZ-2F Rollout Big File Name: p921lv1f.jpg. Image width: 660 pixels. Image height: 928 pixels. Image size: 51,142 bytes.
CZ-2F on pad File Name: p921lv2.jpg. Image width: 337 pixels. Image height: 428 pixels. Image size: 39,514 bytes.
Detail of 921 Shroud File Name: p921lvd.jpg. Image width: 81 pixels. Image height: 231 pixels. Image size: 4,233 bytes.
CZ-2F on pad Full File Name: p921lvf2.jpg. Image width: 673 pixels. Image height: 856 pixels. Image size: 70,159 bytes.
921-1 / Soyuz Shroud Comparison of 921-1 spacecraft and Soyuz and their launch shrouds.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: p921soys.jpg. Image width: 196 pixels. Image height: 400 pixels. Image size: 13,843 bytes.
Project 921 Station The larger 20 tonne station module originally planned for 921-2. With the cancellation of the new launch vehicle planned to launch it, this has been replaced with a smaller 12 tonne module that can be lofted by the CZ-2E(A) launch vehicle.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: p921stat.jpg. Image width: 400 pixels. Image height: 419 pixels. Image size: 17,903 bytes.
921-1 vs Soyuz Project 921-1 spacecraft, with solar panels deployed, compared with Soyuz.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: p921vsoy.jpg. Image width: 400 pixels. Image height: 333 pixels. Image size: 12,208 bytes.
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