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Mariner 6, 7 Credit: NASA. File Name: mariner6.jpg. Image width: 303 pixels. Image height: 212 pixels. Image size: 12,592 bytes.
Mariner 8, 9 Credit: NASA. File Name: mariner9.jpg. Image width: 296 pixels. Image height: 173 pixels. Image size: 8,049 bytes.
Marquardt sled Marquardt sled astronaut maneuvering unit
Credit: USAF. File Name: marqsled.jpg. Image width: 450 pixels. Image height: 265 pixels. Image size: 29,844 bytes.
TMK Mars Lander Separation of Mars lander from one version of the Soviet TMK Manned Mars landing spacecraft.
Credit: Gleb Aleksushin. File Name: mars.jpg. Image width: 379 pixels. Image height: 274 pixels. Image size: 21,504 bytes.
Mars 1 / 2MV-4 Mars 2MV-4. Other spacecraft in the 2MV series were similar.
Credit: NASA. File Name: mars1.jpg. Image width: 329 pixels. Image height: 229 pixels. Image size: 22,262 bytes.
Mars 2 / M-71 Credit: NASA. File Name: mars2.jpg. Image width: 458 pixels. Image height: 296 pixels. Image size: 40,515 bytes.
Von Braun 1949 Von Braun Mars launcher, 1949 version (Marsprojekt)
File Name: mars49lv.jpg. Image width: 468 pixels. Image height: 300 pixels. Image size: 16,788 bytes.
Mars 6, 7 / M-73 Location: Gagarin Museum / Trade Pavilion, Moscow. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: mars67.jpg. Image width: 333 pixels. Image height: 404 pixels. Image size: 23,167 bytes.
Mars MMSEV 1984 Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: mars84.gif. Image width: 316 pixels. Image height: 469 pixels. Image size: 10,169 bytes.
Kurchatov Mars The ultimate Soviet nuclear thermal Mars spacecraft as proposed by the Kurchatov Institute in 1989. This used a cluster of nuclear thermal engines. The crew quarters would be surrounded by liquid hydrogen propellant tanks to shield the crew from radiation from the reactors as well as cosmic rays. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: mars89.jpg. Image width: 324 pixels. Image height: 132 pixels. Image size: 7,168 bytes.
Energia Mars 89 In 1989 yet another Mars project was proposed by NPO Energia. In the place of the nuclear reactor of previous designs power would be generated by huge farms of solar panels. Crew size was reduced from that specified for Aelita, but use of solar panels still doubled the spacecraft mass. Five launches of the Energia booster would be required to assemble the spacecraft in low earth orbit. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: mars891.jpg. Image width: 194 pixels. Image height: 279 pixels. Image size: 14,336 bytes.
Mars Spacecraft Mars Spacecraft - Kurchatov Institute, 1989
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: mars89b.gif. Image width: 589 pixels. Image height: 183 pixels. Image size: 3,325 bytes.
Mars 2 / 3 lander Mars 2 / 3 descent vehicle, cross section through heat shield, showing petals deployed.
Location: Lavochkin. Credit: Andy Salmon. File Name: marsa.jpg. Image width: 478 pixels. Image height: 340 pixels. Image size: 28,389 bytes.
Mars 2 / 3 lander Deployable instrument from Mars-2/3
Location: Lavochkin. Credit: Andy Salmon. File Name: marsb.jpg. Image width: 436 pixels. Image height: 326 pixels. Image size: 25,529 bytes.
Mars Base Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: marsbase.jpg. Image width: 379 pixels. Image height: 389 pixels. Image size: 35,044 bytes.
Mars 1997 Station used for assembly of Mars expedition, 1997 concept.
Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: marse97b.jpg. Image width: 640 pixels. Image height: 480 pixels. Image size: 45,080 bytes.
Keldysh Mars Credit: Jakob Terweij. File Name: marskeld.jpg. Image width: 673 pixels. Image height: 196 pixels. Image size: 21,292 bytes.
MPK Mars lander MPK Mars lander as designed for Project Aelita, 1974. The ascent stage is flanked by the descent engine housings, and the cylindrical surface living quarters.
Location: Tsniimash. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: marsland.jpg. Image width: 272 pixels. Image height: 232 pixels. Image size: 9,300 bytes.
Mars lander Location: Gagarin Museum / Trade Pavilion, Moscow. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: marslndr.jpg. Image width: 249 pixels. Image height: 217 pixels. Image size: 16,022 bytes.
Mars observor Credit: NASA. File Name: marsob.jpg. Image width: 327 pixels. Image height: 249 pixels. Image size: 15,869 bytes.
Marsokhod Credit: Gleb V. Aleksushin. File Name: marsohod.jpg. Image width: 569 pixels. Image height: 395 pixels. Image size: 69,312 bytes.
Mars Sojourner Credit: NASA. File Name: marspf.jpg. Image width: 334 pixels. Image height: 286 pixels. Image size: 15,054 bytes.
Mars polar explorer Credit: NASA. File Name: marspola.jpg. Image width: 341 pixels. Image height: 260 pixels. Image size: 20,471 bytes.
Mars probe Mars probe configuration with double reentry vehicles believed planned for the cancelled 1969 or 1975 launch series.
Location: Tsniimash. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: marsx2.jpg. Image width: 255 pixels. Image height: 364 pixels. Image size: 15,499 bytes.
Martlet 2C File Name: mart2c.jpg. Image width: 101 pixels. Image height: 400 pixels. Image size: 9,141 bytes.
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