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Early Egress Test Closeup of the earliest version of the Kretchet suit and LK mock-up during egress tests.
File Name: lksuitts.jpg. Image width: 192 pixels. Image height: 280 pixels. Image size: 17,017 bytes.
Lunar Spacecraft Comparison of Chelomei manned spacecraft. Left to right: Chelomei LK-1 circumlunar spacecraft with UR-500K third stage. Chelomei LK-700 lunar landing spacecraft. Chelomei TKS space station resupply tug. Competing Korolev Soyuz 7K-L1 circumlunar spacecraft with Block D translunar injection stage and UR-500K third stage. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: lktksles.jpg. Image width: 423 pixels. Image height: 429 pixels. Image size: 25,167 bytes.
LK IOS View View of the LK Lunar Cabin and the Integrated Orientation System at the top of the cabin. Note the angled position of the main thrusters, the omnidirectional 'carrot' anntenna at the lower right, and the hexagonal housing of the solar/stellar sensors at the upper right. File Name: lktopvu.jpg. Image width: 410 pixels. Image height: 252 pixels. Image size: 35,291 bytes.
LK Test Article Subscale dynamic test article of a late configuration of the LK, as preserved in the TsniiMash museum. Thi shows well the complex shape of the Lunar Cabin and the final LPU configuration.
Location: Tsniimash. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: lktstes1.jpg. Image width: 359 pixels. Image height: 461 pixels. Image size: 45,855 bytes.
LK at Korolev Large size photo of the production LK. Note the Vzor optical device fixed to the upward-looking porthole, which allowed the cosmonaut to determine and command attitude, range, and range rate information for docking with the LOK lunar orbiter.
File Name: lkyanbig.jpg. Image width: 544 pixels. Image height: 784 pixels. Image size: 130,800 bytes.
LK at Korolev File Name: lkyangel.jpg. Image width: 271 pixels. Image height: 391 pixels. Image size: 32,192 bytes.
LL-1 Rocketplane File Name: ll1.jpg. Image width: 476 pixels. Image height: 166 pixels. Image size: 17,224 bytes.
Apollo LLRV Credit: NASA. File Name: llrv.jpg. Image width: 197 pixels. Image height: 229 pixels. Image size: 9,423 bytes.
Apollo LLRV 2 View Credit: NASA. File Name: llrv2vu.gif. Image width: 430 pixels. Image height: 498 pixels. Image size: 15,866 bytes.
LLV Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: llv.gif. Image width: 255 pixels. Image height: 464 pixels. Image size: 3,236 bytes.
LLV 160 pixels Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: llv160.gif. Image width: 157 pixels. Image height: 194 pixels. Image size: 1,055 bytes.
Athena-1 Athena-1 Launch Vehicle
Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: llv2.jpg. Image width: 294 pixels. Image height: 400 pixels. Image size: 37,942 bytes.
LLV - LESA Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: llvlesa.gif. Image width: 713 pixels. Image height: 537 pixels. Image size: 8,924 bytes.
LLV - LRSA Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: llvlrsa.gif. Image width: 246 pixels. Image height: 461 pixels. Image size: 4,642 bytes.
LLV - LRSA LLV - LRSA 160 pixels
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: llvrs160.gif. Image width: 153 pixels. Image height: 197 pixels. Image size: 1,773 bytes.
Apollo Lunar Module Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: lm160.gif. Image width: 159 pixels. Image height: 121 pixels. Image size: 1,341 bytes.
Apollo 16 crewman Apollo 16 crewman demonstrated 1/6 G
Credit: NASA. File Name: lm16lea2.jpg. Image width: 284 pixels. Image height: 176 pixels. Image size: 17,509 bytes.
Apollo 16 1/6 G leap Apollo astronaut demonstrates low lunar gravity.
Credit: NASA. File Name: lm16leap.jpg. Image width: 631 pixels. Image height: 391 pixels. Image size: 65,210 bytes.
Lunar Module Lunar Module front view
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: lm1view.gif. Image width: 487 pixels. Image height: 371 pixels. Image size: 6,334 bytes.
LM-2E Launch photo of Long March LM-2E launch vehicle.
File Name: lm2e2.jpg. Image width: 169 pixels. Image height: 331 pixels. Image size: 14,336 bytes.
LM-3A Long March LM-3A launch vehicle on the launch pad.
File Name: lm3a2.jpg. Image width: 141 pixels. Image height: 284 pixels. Image size: 13,312 bytes.
LM-3B Cutaway Cutaway view of LM-3B launch vehicle.
File Name: lm3bs2.jpg. Image width: 144 pixels. Image height: 523 pixels. Image size: 16,384 bytes.
LM-3C Launch Vehicle Long March LM-3C launch vehicle on the pad.
File Name: lm3c2.jpg. Image width: 150 pixels. Image height: 318 pixels. Image size: 18,432 bytes.
LM Ascent Stage Credit: NASA. File Name: lmascent.jpg. Image width: 276 pixels. Image height: 239 pixels. Image size: 12,324 bytes.
Lunar Module 3 view Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: lmbig.gif. Image width: 586 pixels. Image height: 444 pixels. Image size: 10,188 bytes.
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