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Kvant / SM Jettison Picture Kvant showing SM jettison 2
Credit: RKK Energia. File Name: kvantsm2.jpg. Image width: 322 pixels. Image height: 190 pixels. Image size: 9,440 bytes.
KVRB stage Location: Tsniimash. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: kvrb.jpg. Image width: 163 pixels. Image height: 360 pixels. Image size: 16,991 bytes.
Kaputsin Yar Credit: (c) Mark Wade. File Name: ky990515.gif. Image width: 661 pixels. Image height: 520 pixels. Image size: 25,650 bytes.
L-1 Location: Kaluga. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: l1.jpg. Image width: 99 pixels. Image height: 274 pixels. Image size: 9,546 bytes.
L1011 Pegasus Launch L1011 Pegasus Launcher
File Name: l1011.jpg. Image width: 596 pixels. Image height: 210 pixels. Image size: 20,913 bytes.
L1 Complex 1961 The earliest Sever project tackled such problems as manoeuvring in orbit, rendezvous and docking, use of manipulators to move station modules, and testing of lifting re-entry vehicles. Sever was 50% larger than Soyuz, which replaced it by late 1961 in OKB-1 studies. File Name: l11961.jpg. Image width: 433 pixels. Image height: 130 pixels. Image size: 7,438 bytes.
L1 Complex 1961 2 view version.
File Name: l119612v.jpg. Image width: 433 pixels. Image height: 277 pixels. Image size: 14,127 bytes.
L1 Complex 1962 The first 1961 draft of the Soyuz project was used a modernisation of the Vostok 3KA series (Vostok-Zh). Three rocket stages would be assembled in low earth orbit using a manned Vostok tug. They would then launch a Soyuz capsule on a lunar flyby and return to earth. File Name: l11962.jpg. Image width: 399 pixels. Image height: 153 pixels. Image size: 7,968 bytes.
L1-1963 Cutaway view of 1963 L1 circumlunar spacecraft.
File Name: l11963cu.jpg. Image width: 632 pixels. Image height: 134 pixels. Image size: 14,806 bytes.
L1 Overhead Soyuz 7K-L1 circumlunar spacecraft.
File Name: l1ovrhd.jpg. Image width: 424 pixels. Image height: 253 pixels. Image size: 17,001 bytes.
L1S in Shop Soyuz 7K-L1S systems test spacecraft in shop at Baikonur, in preparation for installation on N1 launch vehicle.
File Name: l1sinrig.jpg. Image width: 426 pixels. Image height: 299 pixels. Image size: 44,354 bytes.
L2-1963 1963 L2 robot lunar rover spacecraft. L2 configuration speculative based on early Ye-8 rover design studies at OKB-1.
File Name: l21963.jpg. Image width: 644 pixels. Image height: 178 pixels. Image size: 20,394 bytes.
L3 -1963 1963 L3 manned lunar lander using earth-orbit rendezvous method. Configuration based on description and lander configuration of early L3M design.
File Name: l31963.jpg. Image width: 231 pixels. Image height: 337 pixels. Image size: 11,145 bytes.
L3 Cutaway Dimensioned Russian cutaway drawing of L3 manned lunar landing complex.
File Name: l3cut1.gif. Image width: 223 pixels. Image height: 965 pixels. Image size: 15,454 bytes.
L3M - Cutaway View Cutaway views of early and later L3M manned lunar lander designs.
File Name: l3mcutwy.jpg. Image width: 629 pixels. Image height: 336 pixels. Image size: 26,904 bytes.
L3M External views of early and later L3M manned lunar lander designs.
File Name: l3mext.jpg. Image width: 630 pixels. Image height: 340 pixels. Image size: 22,843 bytes.
L4 -1963 1963 L4 manned lunar orbiter.
File Name: l41963.jpg. Image width: 398 pixels. Image height: 139 pixels. Image size: 7,608 bytes.
L5 -1963 1963 L5 manned lunar rover. Drawing based on model at Tsniimash museum.
File Name: l51963.jpg. Image width: 392 pixels. Image height: 187 pixels. Image size: 11,495 bytes.
Lambda Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: lambda.gif. Image width: 63 pixels. Image height: 302 pixels. Image size: 1,053 bytes.
Lambda-4S Credit: NASDA. File Name: lambda4s.jpg. Image width: 225 pixels. Image height: 275 pixels. Image size: 9,503 bytes.
Lamda-4S Lamda-4S - COSPAR 1970-011
File Name: lamda4s.jpg. Image width: 218 pixels. Image height: 423 pixels. Image size: 26,471 bytes.
LAML Station Credit: NASA. File Name: lamlstat.gif. Image width: 509 pixels. Image height: 515 pixels. Image size: 15,445 bytes.
Soviet Lunar Landers Comparison of Soviet lunar lander designs. Only the LK reached the hardware stage.
File Name: landerru.jpg. Image width: 755 pixels. Image height: 172 pixels. Image size: 23,098 bytes.
Landsat 3 Credit: NASA. File Name: landsat3.jpg. Image width: 234 pixels. Image height: 270 pixels. Image size: 16,995 bytes.
Landsat 4 Credit: NASA. File Name: landsat4.jpg. Image width: 263 pixels. Image height: 323 pixels. Image size: 13,697 bytes.
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