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Helios Helios Launch Vehicle
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: helios.gif. Image width: 52 pixels. Image height: 348 pixels. Image size: 1,079 bytes.
Helios 1 Credit: ESA. File Name: helios1.jpg. Image width: 226 pixels. Image height: 333 pixels. Image size: 23,066 bytes.
Hermes cutaway Hermes cutaway drawing
Credit: ESA. File Name: hermcut.jpg. Image width: 631 pixels. Image height: 243 pixels. Image size: 52,741 bytes.
Hermes 3 View Credit: ESA. File Name: herme3v.jpg. Image width: 269 pixels. Image height: 332 pixels. Image size: 15,066 bytes.
Hermes Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: hermes.gif. Image width: 160 pixels. Image height: 120 pixels. Image size: 8,696 bytes.
Hermes Credit: ESA. File Name: hermesbi.jpg. Image width: 551 pixels. Image height: 298 pixels. Image size: 30,582 bytes.
Hermes variants Credit: ESA. File Name: hermvar.jpg. Image width: 291 pixels. Image height: 248 pixels. Image size: 27,446 bytes.
HETE File Name: heteom3.jpg. Image width: 407 pixels. Image height: 275 pixels. Image size: 22,764 bytes.
HGV General Dynamic Hypersonic Glide Vehicle as exhibited in 1987
File Name: hgv1.jpg. Image width: 576 pixels. Image height: 456 pixels. Image size: 27,119 bytes.
Himawari Credit: NASDA. File Name: himawari.jpg. Image width: 139 pixels. Image height: 208 pixels. Image size: 9,115 bytes.
TKS Large Obsolete drawing of the TKS space station ferry according to information available ca. 1987. At that time it was known in the west as the 'Heavy Kosmos' spacecraft.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: hkosbig.gif. Image width: 152 pixels. Image height: 368 pixels. Image size: 2,184 bytes.
TKS Obsolete drawing of the TKS space station ferry according to information available ca. 1987. At that time it was known in the west as the 'Heavy Kosmos' spacecraft.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: hkosmos.gif. Image width: 174 pixels. Image height: 294 pixels. Image size: 1,948 bytes.
HL-10 Three view of the HL-10, the favored lifting body configuration of NASA's Langley. This configuration was found to be the best of the lifting bodies.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: hl103.gif. Image width: 701 pixels. Image height: 455 pixels. Image size: 4,352 bytes.
HL-10 Lifting Body HL-10 Lifting Body with B-52 and Test Pilot Dana
Credit: NASA. File Name: hl10dana.jpg. Image width: 412 pixels. Image height: 302 pixels. Image size: 23,185 bytes.
HL-10 Lifting Body Credit: NASA. File Name: hl10lb.jpg. Image width: 366 pixels. Image height: 222 pixels. Image size: 14,052 bytes.
HL-20 lifting body The "luxury" crew rescue vehicle option was the Langley Research Center's $2-billion HL-20 which was loosely based on a Soviet spaceplane design.
Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20.jpg. Image width: 336 pixels. Image height: 132 pixels. Image size: 7,301 bytes.
HL-20 3 view 3 view of the HL-20, also known as ACRV (Assured Crew Return Vehicle) and PLS (Personnel Launch System). NASA 1991 design for backup to space shuttle (in case it was abandoned) and/or as crew return vehicle from space station. Lifting body reentry vehicle clearly based on Russian Spiral design. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: hl203vw.gif. Image width: 589 pixels. Image height: 421 pixels. Image size: 7,415 bytes.
HL-20 Cockpit Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20cok9.jpg. Image width: 288 pixels. Image height: 216 pixels. Image size: 15,095 bytes.
HL-20 Crew EVA Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20eva1.jpg. Image width: 248 pixels. Image height: 360 pixels. Image size: 16,476 bytes.
HL-20 Spaceplane Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20full.jpg. Image width: 319 pixels. Image height: 396 pixels. Image size: 17,774 bytes.
HL-20 / HL-42 HL-20 / HL-42 Comparison
Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20hl42.jpg. Image width: 576 pixels. Image height: 459 pixels. Image size: 28,530 bytes.
HL-20 Interior Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20int3.jpg. Image width: 269 pixels. Image height: 241 pixels. Image size: 16,761 bytes.
HL-20 Launch Vehicle HL-20 Launch Vehicle Options
Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20lvs.jpg. Image width: 208 pixels. Image height: 303 pixels. Image size: 8,372 bytes.
HL-20 Rollout Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20roll.jpg. Image width: 317 pixels. Image height: 202 pixels. Image size: 13,458 bytes.
HL-20 / BOR-4 HL-20 / BOR-4 Hypersonic Shockwave
Credit: NASA. File Name: hl20shk8.jpg. Image width: 228 pixels. Image height: 212 pixels. Image size: 9,183 bytes.
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