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EVAMU EVAMU Maneuvering Unit to have been tested in project Gemini.
Credit: USAF. File Name: evamu.jpg. Image width: 255 pixels. Image height: 198 pixels. Image size: 15,814 bytes.
Oko EW satellite Early Warning satellite placed in Molniya high-apogee orbits.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: ewsat.jpg. Image width: 129 pixels. Image height: 160 pixels. Image size: 5,905 bytes.
Early Warning Sat Early Warning Satellite
File Name: ewsat3.jpg. Image width: 336 pixels. Image height: 348 pixels. Image size: 37,271 bytes.
Excalibur Credit: Truax Engineering. File Name: excalib1.jpg. Image width: 107 pixels. Image height: 474 pixels. Image size: 11,882 bytes.
Exosat Credit: ESA. File Name: exosat.jpg. Image width: 197 pixels. Image height: 229 pixels. Image size: 12,519 bytes.
Explorer 48 / SAS Credit: NASA. File Name: explor48.jpg. Image width: 245 pixels. Image height: 335 pixels. Image size: 26,885 bytes.
Explorer 53 / SAS Credit: NASA. File Name: explor53.jpg. Image width: 308 pixels. Image height: 429 pixels. Image size: 17,731 bytes.
Explorer 1 Explorer 1 / Explorer A
Credit: NASA. File Name: explorer.jpg. Image width: 320 pixels. Image height: 205 pixels. Image size: 11,241 bytes.
Ekspress Credit: Dmitry Pieson. File Name: express2.jpg. Image width: 600 pixels. Image height: 374 pixels. Image size: 19,849 bytes.
Ekspress File Name: expressa.jpg. Image width: 253 pixels. Image height: 266 pixels. Image size: 9,142 bytes.
F-1 engine Location: Cape Canaveral. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: f1.jpg. Image width: 455 pixels. Image height: 365 pixels. Image size: 35,250 bytes.
F-1 Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne. File Name: f1rdyne.jpg. Image width: 166 pixels. Image height: 237 pixels. Image size: 10,232 bytes.
Oriana Fallaci File Name: fallaci.jpg. Image width: 135 pixels. Image height: 172 pixels. Image size: 15,000 bytes.
FB-1 Engine File Name: fb1eng10.jpg. Image width: 415 pixels. Image height: 554 pixels. Image size: 58,457 bytes.
FDL Spaceplane Credit: USAF. File Name: fdl599.jpg. Image width: 170 pixels. Image height: 273 pixels. Image size: 8,956 bytes.
ISS Zarya Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: fgb.jpg. Image width: 567 pixels. Image height: 300 pixels. Image size: 42,328 bytes.
FGB in shop Russian propulsion module to be first element of International Space Station.
Credit: NASA. File Name: fgb01.jpg. Image width: 478 pixels. Image height: 282 pixels. Image size: 41,567 bytes.
Freedom Space Station Freedom Baseline. The American co-orbiting space platform was deleted in 1987 but the polar platform was retained.
Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: fig2a2.jpg. Image width: 639 pixels. Image height: 477 pixels. Image size: 108,148 bytes.
Freedom Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: fig4b.gif. Image width: 423 pixels. Image height: 357 pixels. Image size: 5,940 bytes.
Flags Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: flags.gif. Image width: 463 pixels. Image height: 20 pixels. Image size: 1,021 bytes.
ESA Station 84 The Europeans were also looking at space transportation elements to complement the Eureca platform (top right) and Columbus space station (top left). Candidates included a winged reusable booster rocket for the Ariane-5 (bottom left) and a multipurpose "space tug" (center) for servicing satellites as well as transporting cargo to Columbus. Credit: ESA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: fls84.jpg. Image width: 553 pixels. Image height: 398 pixels. Image size: 30,403 bytes.
Ariane 5 ALS Booster Ariane 5 ALS Boosters
Credit: Mark Lindroos. File Name: flsar5.jpg. Image width: 250 pixels. Image height: 298 pixels. Image size: 21,309 bytes.
FLTP Launch FLTP Reusable Launch Vehicle Launch
File Name: fltp01.jpg. Image width: 352 pixels. Image height: 316 pixels. Image size: 18,463 bytes.
FLTP Separation Separation of Booster and Orbiter stages of European FLTP
File Name: fltp06.jpg. Image width: 336 pixels. Image height: 274 pixels. Image size: 15,862 bytes.
Fltsatcom Credit: USAF. File Name: fltsatcm.jpg. Image width: 325 pixels. Image height: 304 pixels. Image size: 18,489 bytes.
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