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Burya in shop File Name: burya99.jpg. Image width: 282 pixels. Image height: 160 pixels. Image size: 15,941 bytes.
Burya Crashing Burya Crashing in First Launch
Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryacra.jpg. Image width: 280 pixels. Image height: 154 pixels. Image size: 5,371 bytes.
Burya Drawing Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryadwg.jpg. Image width: 143 pixels. Image height: 153 pixels. Image size: 7,107 bytes.
Burya engine Burya engine guidance vanes
Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryaeng.jpg. Image width: 106 pixels. Image height: 116 pixels. Image size: 5,318 bytes.
Burya on erector Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryaere.jpg. Image width: 259 pixels. Image height: 178 pixels. Image size: 14,071 bytes.
Burya on pad Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryapad.jpg. Image width: 273 pixels. Image height: 186 pixels. Image size: 16,797 bytes.
Burya rollout Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryarol.jpg. Image width: 247 pixels. Image height: 127 pixels. Image size: 8,953 bytes.
Burya color 1 Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryclr1.jpg. Image width: 287 pixels. Image height: 202 pixels. Image size: 16,483 bytes.
Burya color 2 Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryclr2.jpg. Image width: 189 pixels. Image height: 149 pixels. Image size: 9,147 bytes.
Burya color 3 Credit: Lavochkin. File Name: buryclr3.jpg. Image width: 123 pixels. Image height: 156 pixels. Image size: 9,091 bytes.
Canada Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: canflg.gif. Image width: 32 pixels. Image height: 20 pixels. Image size: 174 bytes.
Cape Canaveral Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: cape.gif. Image width: 606 pixels. Image height: 965 pixels. Image size: 24,155 bytes.
Capsules in Storage Capsules in Storage at Korolev. Picture taken on the second floor of the NPO Energia museum around 1990. Years later they had disappeared. Where are they now?
Credit: Jakob Terweij. File Name: capsstor.jpg. Image width: 484 pixels. Image height: 491 pixels. Image size: 41,654 bytes.
Chinese manned craft Chinese manned spacecraft as planned 1992
Credit: Ed Grodine. File Name: capsule3.jpg. Image width: 550 pixels. Image height: 401 pixels. Image size: 14,041 bytes.
Unknown capsule unknown capsule at Energia Museum
Location: Energia Museum. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: capsunk.jpg. Image width: 492 pixels. Image height: 369 pixels. Image size: 45,385 bytes.
Carina ESA Crew Rescue Vehicle Studies. The CARINA microgravity capsule.
Credit: ESA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: carina.jpg. Image width: 628 pixels. Image height: 424 pixels. Image size: 50,359 bytes.
Launch Complex 17B Launch Complex 17B - Cape Canaveral
File Name: cclc17b.jpg. Image width: 238 pixels. Image height: 371 pixels. Image size: 31,236 bytes.
Atlas Centaur 69 Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: cent692.jpg. Image width: 393 pixels. Image height: 480 pixels. Image size: 29,712 bytes.
Atlas Centaur Centaur Launch Vehicle
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: centarlv.gif. Image width: 74 pixels. Image height: 468 pixels. Image size: 1,436 bytes.
Centaur Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: centaur.gif. Image width: 125 pixels. Image height: 288 pixels. Image size: 1,612 bytes.
Atlas Centaur Atlas Centaur at Sunrise
Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: centsun.jpg. Image width: 302 pixels. Image height: 237 pixels. Image size: 13,046 bytes.
Chelomei at age 10 Location: Baikonur. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: chelag10.jpg. Image width: 102 pixels. Image height: 134 pixels. Image size: 2,916 bytes.
Chelomei at age 20 Location: Baikonur. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: chelag20.jpg. Image width: 158 pixels. Image height: 210 pixels. Image size: 7,108 bytes.
Chelomei's father Location: Baikonur. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: chelodad.jpg. Image width: 106 pixels. Image height: 156 pixels. Image size: 3,321 bytes.
Chelomei spaceplane Chelomei spaceplane isometric
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: cheloiso.gif. Image width: 303 pixels. Image height: 162 pixels. Image size: 1,678 bytes.
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