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Ariel 4 File Name: ariel4.jpg. Image width: 262 pixels. Image height: 355 pixels. Image size: 22,886 bytes.
Arkon-1 Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: arkon1.jpg. Image width: 372 pixels. Image height: 347 pixels. Image size: 27,384 bytes.
Aryabhata Credit: ISRC. File Name: aryabata.jpg. Image width: 232 pixels. Image height: 203 pixels. Image size: 17,093 bytes.
AS 2100 satellite Credit: Lockheed-Martin. File Name: as2100.jpg. Image width: 334 pixels. Image height: 394 pixels. Image size: 22,265 bytes.
AS 4000 satellite Credit: Lockheed-Martin. File Name: as4000.jpg. Image width: 300 pixels. Image height: 304 pixels. Image size: 10,912 bytes.
AS 7000 satellite Credit: Lockheed-Martin. File Name: as7000i.jpg. Image width: 250 pixels. Image height: 201 pixels. Image size: 9,965 bytes.
ASA 93 Spaceplane Credit: Mark Lindroos. File Name: asa93.jpg. Image width: 380 pixels. Image height: 163 pixels. Image size: 17,970 bytes.
ASAT I2P Credit: Videokosmos. File Name: asat.jpg. Image width: 352 pixels. Image height: 267 pixels. Image size: 15,467 bytes.
ASAT I2P Credit: Videokosmos. File Name: asatdwg.jpg. Image width: 314 pixels. Image height: 238 pixels. Image size: 19,325 bytes.
Asat hit First operational ASAT, shown in a Soviet film attacking a US KH-4 Corona reconnaisance satellite. Tested in 1967-1971 and deployed through the late 1970's. Design as revised by Yangel and Korolev from Chelomei's original. Launch vehicle R-36.
Credit: Videokosmos. File Name: asathit.jpg. Image width: 225 pixels. Image height: 141 pixels. Image size: 5,370 bytes.
ASAT HMV Credit: USAF Museum. File Name: asathmv1.jpg. Image width: 415 pixels. Image height: 110 pixels. Image size: 17,907 bytes.
ASAT Launch Complex ASAT Launch Complex at Baikonuar - US Department of Defense drawing
File Name: asatlc.jpg. Image width: 299 pixels. Image height: 271 pixels. Image size: 37,293 bytes.
Istrebitel Sputnik I2P ASAT. As far as is known follow-on models (IS-P, IS-MU) and the R-36-launched targets had a similar appearance.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: asatmydw.jpg. Image width: 251 pixels. Image height: 213 pixels. Image size: 10,593 bytes.
F-15 Launched ASAT Credit: USAF. File Name: asatvoug.jpg. Image width: 416 pixels. Image height: 97 pixels. Image size: 12,806 bytes.
File Name: aslvj.jpg. Image width: 109 pixels. Image height: 406 pixels. Image size: 11,834 bytes.
Just a space File Name: aspace.jpg. Image width: 105 pixels. Image height: 105 pixels. Image size: 357 bytes.
Asset Credit: USAF. File Name: asset.jpg. Image width: 262 pixels. Image height: 419 pixels. Image size: 24,562 bytes.
APAS-75 docking unit APAS-75 docking unit as used in ASTP project.
Location: RKK Energia. Credit: Andy Salmon. File Name: astp.jpg. Image width: 490 pixels. Image height: 293 pixels. Image size: 22,607 bytes.
Astrid Credit: Sven Grahn. File Name: astrid.jpg. Image width: 328 pixels. Image height: 223 pixels. Image size: 30,749 bytes.
Atrid 1 Astrid 1 Satellite
Credit: via Goran Olsson. File Name: astrid1.jpg. Image width: 400 pixels. Image height: 256 pixels. Image size: 27,000 bytes.
Astro-E File Name: astroe.jpg. Image width: 413 pixels. Image height: 263 pixels. Image size: 29,202 bytes.
Astron File Name: astron.jpg. Image width: 299 pixels. Image height: 249 pixels. Image size: 15,210 bytes.
Background Spacewalk Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: astroumb.gif. Image width: 640 pixels. Image height: 480 pixels. Image size: 15,752 bytes.
Atlas Able Atlas Able - 1959-11-26
File Name: atab59f9.jpg. Image width: 140 pixels. Image height: 490 pixels. Image size: 15,417 bytes.
Atlas Agena A Credit: US Air Force. File Name: ataga.jpg. Image width: 158 pixels. Image height: 460 pixels. Image size: 13,367 bytes.
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