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XMC-2 Suit Credit: USAF. File Name: xmc2x15.jpg. Image width: 191 pixels. Image height: 371 pixels. Image size: 17,744 bytes.
XMM Credit: NASA. File Name: xmm.jpg. Image width: 255 pixels. Image height: 256 pixels. Image size: 13,398 bytes.
XRS-2200 Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne. File Name: xrs2200.jpg. Image width: 166 pixels. Image height: 139 pixels. Image size: 7,138 bytes.
XS-1 Credit: NASA. File Name: xs1.jpg. Image width: 546 pixels. Image height: 239 pixels. Image size: 21,892 bytes.
XTE Credit: NASA. File Name: xte.jpg. Image width: 227 pixels. Image height: 223 pixels. Image size: 8,474 bytes.
Yakhont Credit: Khrunichev. File Name: yakhont.jpg. Image width: 626 pixels. Image height: 175 pixels. Image size: 17,966 bytes.
YaKhR-2 YaKhR-2 Nuclear-powered Launch Vehicle
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: yakhr2.gif. Image width: 223 pixels. Image height: 418 pixels. Image size: 4,530 bytes.
YaKhR-2 exterior YaKhR-2 Nuclear-powered Launch Vehicle
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: yakhr2ic.gif. Image width: 93 pixels. Image height: 418 pixels. Image size: 2,029 bytes.
Yantar-2K Cutaway Credit: Dmitry Pieson. File Name: yan2kcut.jpg. Image width: 600 pixels. Image height: 550 pixels. Image size: 49,419 bytes.
Yangel File Name: yangel.jpg. Image width: 181 pixels. Image height: 279 pixels. Image size: 10,676 bytes.
Yangel ICBM's Yangel ICBM's - from left to right, R-16, R-36, R-36, R-36M, MR-UR-100
Location: Baikonur. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: yangelba.jpg. Image width: 369 pixels. Image height: 400 pixels. Image size: 24,178 bytes.
Yantar multi-return Yantar bus reconnaissance satellite with multiple re-entry capsules. This is believed to be layout of Orlets-1. Orlets-2 must have a considerably extended bus to accomodate even more capsules.
File Name: yanmulti.jpg. Image width: 344 pixels. Image height: 268 pixels. Image size: 12,491 bytes.
Yantar 4KS File Name: yanta4ks.jpg. Image width: 362 pixels. Image height: 349 pixels. Image size: 12,418 bytes.
Yantar 1K File Name: yantar1k.jpg. Image width: 366 pixels. Image height: 265 pixels. Image size: 11,371 bytes.
Yantar 2K File Name: yantar2k.jpg. Image width: 364 pixels. Image height: 256 pixels. Image size: 10,907 bytes.
Yantar E1 Credit: Carsten Wiedemann. File Name: yantare1.jpg. Image width: 473 pixels. Image height: 307 pixels. Image size: 31,641 bytes.
YaRD ICBM YaRD Nuclear-powered ICBM
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: yardicbm.gif. Image width: 53 pixels. Image height: 298 pixels. Image size: 1,332 bytes.
Yastreb space suit Yastreb space suit used by Leonov in first spacewalk
Credit: Andy Salmon. File Name: yastreb.jpg. Image width: 230 pixels. Image height: 495 pixels. Image size: 21,911 bytes.
Ye-8 Lunar Lander Ye-8 robot lunar soil return spacecraft.
File Name: ye8lavoc.jpg. Image width: 295 pixels. Image height: 276 pixels. Image size: 14,897 bytes.
Ye-8 OKB-1 Rover Ye-8 Lunokhod lunar rover - as designed by Korolev OKB-1 before project was handed over to Lavochkin.
File Name: ye8okb1.jpg. Image width: 200 pixels. Image height: 386 pixels. Image size: 14,886 bytes.
Yard File Name: yerd2.jpg. Image width: 75 pixels. Image height: 342 pixels. Image size: 4,072 bytes.
YeSSS Unified Satell Unified Satellite Communication System
Credit: NASA. File Name: yesss.jpg. Image width: 640 pixels. Image height: 424 pixels. Image size: 46,548 bytes.
YF-73 File Name: yf73bw1.jpg. Image width: 683 pixels. Image height: 621 pixels. Image size: 77,758 bytes.
YF-73 File Name: yf73bw2.jpg. Image width: 348 pixels. Image height: 316 pixels. Image size: 37,736 bytes.
Zarya Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: zarya.gif. Image width: 394 pixels. Image height: 371 pixels. Image size: 5,669 bytes.
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