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X-24A Credit: NASA. File Name: x24a.jpg. Image width: 391 pixels. Image height: 217 pixels. Image size: 14,104 bytes.
X-24A Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: x24a3.gif. Image width: 397 pixels. Image height: 449 pixels. Image size: 5,037 bytes.
Lifting Bodies Manned Lifting Bodies
Credit: NASA. File Name: x24all.jpg. Image width: 467 pixels. Image height: 127 pixels. Image size: 11,596 bytes.
X-24B Credit: NASA. File Name: x24b.jpg. Image width: 416 pixels. Image height: 215 pixels. Image size: 12,800 bytes.
X-24B Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: x24b3.gif. Image width: 420 pixels. Image height: 342 pixels. Image size: 3,744 bytes.
X-23 with X-24 X-23 with Orbital X-24
Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: x24c.jpg. Image width: 342 pixels. Image height: 303 pixels. Image size: 28,806 bytes.
X-24C Credit: USAF. File Name: x24cmodl.jpg. Image width: 392 pixels. Image height: 175 pixels. Image size: 13,695 bytes.
X-30 TAV Credit: NASA. File Name: x30tav.jpg. Image width: 288 pixels. Image height: 200 pixels. Image size: 12,033 bytes.
X-33 Proposal Credit: NASA. File Name: x33699.jpg. Image width: 377 pixels. Image height: 167 pixels. Image size: 9,637 bytes.
X-33 Douglas X-33 McDonnell Douglas proposal
Credit: NASA. File Name: x33mcd.jpg. Image width: 383 pixels. Image height: 267 pixels. Image size: 7,730 bytes.
X-33P4 Credit: NASA. File Name: x33p4.jpg. Image width: 394 pixels. Image height: 315 pixels. Image size: 20,182 bytes.
X-33 Rockwell X-33 Rockwell proposal
Credit: NASA. File Name: x33rock.jpg. Image width: 380 pixels. Image height: 273 pixels. Image size: 17,232 bytes.
X-34 Credit: NASA. File Name: x349905.jpg. Image width: 357 pixels. Image height: 177 pixels. Image size: 8,799 bytes.
X-37 Credit: NASA. File Name: x37123.jpg. Image width: 374 pixels. Image height: 264 pixels. Image size: 8,792 bytes.
X-38 overhead shot Credit: NASA. File Name: x38a.jpg. Image width: 196 pixels. Image height: 325 pixels. Image size: 9,064 bytes.
X-38 side shot Credit: NASA. File Name: x38c.jpg. Image width: 360 pixels. Image height: 241 pixels. Image size: 15,095 bytes.
X-38 Paraglider Test Credit: NASA. File Name: x38chute.jpg. Image width: 236 pixels. Image height: 268 pixels. Image size: 17,848 bytes.
X-38 CRV X-38 Crew Rescue Vehicle. This vehicle is based on the old X-23/X-24A lifting body which was extensively tested in the 1960s.
Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: x38d.jpg. Image width: 605 pixels. Image height: 404 pixels. Image size: 21,727 bytes.
X-40A Credit: NASA. File Name: x40a.jpg. Image width: 377 pixels. Image height: 173 pixels. Image size: 14,250 bytes.
X-43 Hyper-X Credit: NASA. File Name: x43hyper.jpg. Image width: 458 pixels. Image height: 122 pixels. Image size: 7,033 bytes.
XLR-43-NA-1 Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne. File Name: xlr43na1.jpg. Image width: 218 pixels. Image height: 356 pixels. Image size: 15,168 bytes.
XLR-71-NA-1 Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne. File Name: xlr71na1.jpg. Image width: 165 pixels. Image height: 236 pixels. Image size: 12,958 bytes.
XLR-83-NA-1 Credit: Boeing / Rocketdyne. File Name: xlr83na1.jpg. Image width: 167 pixels. Image height: 234 pixels. Image size: 13,854 bytes.
XLR-99 Credit: USAF. File Name: xlr99.jpg. Image width: 440 pixels. Image height: 256 pixels. Image size: 37,585 bytes.
XMC-2 Suit Credit: USAF. File Name: xmc2suit.jpg. Image width: 139 pixels. Image height: 304 pixels. Image size: 8,956 bytes.
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