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Soyuz TM Credit: RKK Energia. File Name: soyuztm.jpg. Image width: 495 pixels. Image height: 277 pixels. Image size: 29,122 bytes.
Soyuz TM Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: soyuztmd.gif. Image width: 314 pixels. Image height: 192 pixels. Image size: 2,741 bytes.
Soyuz V Soyuz V tanker spacecraft. Several would be launched to top off the Soyuz B circumlunar stage.
File Name: soyuzv.jpg. Image width: 562 pixels. Image height: 313 pixels. Image size: 30,666 bytes.
Soyuz VI (sketch) Drawing from an article by Samara chief designer Kozlov showing a Soyuz-VI-like spacecraft with two nuclear thermal generators, with the radiation shadow zones indicated.
File Name: soyvi.jpg. Image width: 220 pixels. Image height: 332 pixels. Image size: 14,415 bytes.
Soyuz VI Soyuz VI. Forward view showing Soyuz descent module located ahead of cylindrical orbital work compartment.
File Name: soyvi1.jpg. Image width: 310 pixels. Image height: 229 pixels. Image size: 23,877 bytes.
Soyuz VI. Aft view Soyuz VI. Aft view showing standard Soyuz engine installation and RTG nuclear-thermal electric power generators on booms extending from base.
File Name: soyvi2.jpg. Image width: 309 pixels. Image height: 240 pixels. Image size: 25,674 bytes.
Soyuz VI (mockup) Soyuz VI, according to the appearance of the mockup. The mockup did not have the gun package mounted forward of the descent module.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: soyvi3.jpg. Image width: 259 pixels. Image height: 327 pixels. Image size: 8,335 bytes.
Soyuz VI Soyuz VI according to a published sketch. Note the payload shroud has no launch escape tower and the encapsulated RTG nuclear generators positoned outside the shroud.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: soyvi4.jpg. Image width: 149 pixels. Image height: 408 pixels. Image size: 8,482 bytes.
Soyuz VI / OIS Mishin's version of Soyuz VI with OIS light space station (conceptual drawing based on description).
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: soyviois.jpg. Image width: 584 pixels. Image height: 168 pixels. Image size: 15,036 bytes.
Spacedock Space Station Spacedock. This free-flying "spacedock" would be constructed from Space Station subsystems such as solar thermodynamic power generators, radiators, truss segments etc.. The white tanks contain rocket propellant for the space tug.
Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: spacdoc1.jpg. Image width: 599 pixels. Image height: 479 pixels. Image size: 73,035 bytes.
Spacebus Spaceplane Credit: Mark Lindroos. File Name: spacebus.jpg. Image width: 312 pixels. Image height: 167 pixels. Image size: 13,077 bytes.
Spacesuit Orlan Orlan space suit as used on Salyut 7 and Mir space stations.
Credit: Zvezda. File Name: spacesui.jpg. Image width: 262 pixels. Image height: 330 pixels. Image size: 21,342 bytes.
Space cruiser Space cruiser - DARPA mid-1980's concept of manned military spacecraft
File Name: spacrusr.jpg. Image width: 324 pixels. Image height: 165 pixels. Image size: 6,018 bytes.
Spain Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: spanflg.gif. Image width: 32 pixels. Image height: 20 pixels. Image size: 181 bytes.
Sparta Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: sparta.gif. Image width: 63 pixels. Image height: 306 pixels. Image size: 930 bytes.
Sparta Sparta - COSPAR 1967-118
File Name: spartaj.jpg. Image width: 99 pixels. Image height: 437 pixels. Image size: 8,634 bytes.
Spacehab Spacehab expansion modules for the Space Station.
Credit: NASA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: spchab86.jpg. Image width: 638 pixels. Image height: 482 pixels. Image size: 53,334 bytes.
Spectrum-X Credit: NASA. File Name: spectrx.jpg. Image width: 327 pixels. Image height: 235 pixels. Image size: 16,129 bytes.
Spektr Cutaway Cutaway view of Spektr module of Mir.
File Name: spektcut.jpg. Image width: 509 pixels. Image height: 207 pixels. Image size: 31,440 bytes.
Spektr-X File Name: spektrx.jpg. Image width: 360 pixels. Image height: 258 pixels. Image size: 24,183 bytes.
Spelda - 93 Man-tended Spelda concept
Credit: ESA via Marcus Lindroos. File Name: spelda93.jpg. Image width: 312 pixels. Image height: 188 pixels. Image size: 12,147 bytes.
Spiral Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: spiral.gif. Image width: 819 pixels. Image height: 573 pixels. Image size: 9,012 bytes.
Spiral 2 The MIG-105 EPOS (Experimental Passanger Orbital Aircraft displayed at the Monino Air Museum outside of Moscow.
File Name: spiral2.jpg. Image width: 463 pixels. Image height: 233 pixels. Image size: 39,177 bytes.
Spiral 3 view Spiral 3 view drawing
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: spiral3v.jpg. Image width: 628 pixels. Image height: 458 pixels. Image size: 27,623 bytes.
Spiral MiG-105-15 Spiral MiG-105-15 drawing
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: spiralsd.jpg. Image width: 379 pixels. Image height: 121 pixels. Image size: 8,355 bytes.
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