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Prognoz File Name: prognoza.jpg. Image width: 259 pixels. Image height: 363 pixels. Image size: 30,249 bytes.
Prognoz-M File Name: prognozm.jpg. Image width: 288 pixels. Image height: 257 pixels. Image size: 21,270 bytes.
Prognoz Location: Gagarin Museum / Trade Pavilion, Moscow. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: prognozq.jpg. Image width: 223 pixels. Image height: 446 pixels. Image size: 24,168 bytes.
Progress Drawing of the initial version of the Progress refuelling spacecraft.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: progresd.gif. Image width: 289 pixels. Image height: 172 pixels. Image size: 2,814 bytes.
Progress M Drawing of the advanced version of the Progress resupply spacecraft used with Mir.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: progresm.gif. Image width: 307 pixels. Image height: 189 pixels. Image size: 3,151 bytes.
Progress View of the original Progress spacecraft, as dsplayed in Moscow in 1981.
Location: Moscow. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: progress.jpg. Image width: 500 pixels. Image height: 370 pixels. Image size: 62,349 bytes.
Progress T Icon Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: progtbit.gif. Image width: 172 pixels. Image height: 124 pixels. Image size: 1,106 bytes.
Progress T cutaway Cutaway of Progress T resupply craft.
Credit: RKK Energia. File Name: progtcut.jpg. Image width: 418 pixels. Image height: 275 pixels. Image size: 24,087 bytes.
Progress-Zenit Progress Zenit Cutaway
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: progzcu.gif. Image width: 639 pixels. Image height: 140 pixels. Image size: 4,913 bytes.
Progress Zenit Drawing of Zenit-launched Progress M2 logistics craft for support of the international space station (cancelled).
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: progzen.gif. Image width: 639 pixels. Image height: 141 pixels. Image size: 3,380 bytes.
Progress M1 / ISS Credit: NASA. File Name: proissm1.jpg. Image width: 331 pixels. Image height: 268 pixels. Image size: 14,794 bytes.
921 Spacecraft Earlier conjectural drawing of Project 921 first Chinese manned spacecraft, based on description of its layout and overall mass.
Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: proj921.jpg. Image width: 400 pixels. Image height: 400 pixels. Image size: 20,000 bytes.
Soyuz/921-1 Variants Evolution of Project 921-1 design. From left: Soyuz spacecraft, for comparison; original 921-1 design with pear-shaped re-entry vehicle; 921-1 spacecraft for initial earth orbit operations; 921-1 spacecraft with docking collar for use with 921-2 space station. It is possible the small foward module is a maneuvering rocket package; in this case it is possible the docking collar would be at the rear, with a hatch in the re-entry vehicle's heat shield, as in the MOL or TKS spacecraft. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: proj9211.jpg. Image width: 640 pixels. Image height: 419 pixels. Image size: 35,261 bytes.
Progress Shroud Early Progress launches used the Soyuz shroud. Although the launch escape tour was retained to maintain the proven aerodynamics, the escape motors and grid stabilizers on the side of the shroud were deleted.
File Name: proshrod.jpg. Image width: 161 pixels. Image height: 598 pixels. Image size: 12,161 bytes.
Prospero Credit: ESA. File Name: prospero.jpg. Image width: 311 pixels. Image height: 300 pixels. Image size: 18,143 bytes.
Proton with Granat Proton with Granat payload
Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: protngrn.jpg. Image width: 356 pixels. Image height: 446 pixels. Image size: 18,616 bytes.
Proton 1 / N-4 Location: Tsiokovskiy Museum, Kaluga. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: proton1.jpg. Image width: 333 pixels. Image height: 296 pixels. Image size: 23,457 bytes.
Proton K LV Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: proton13.gif. Image width: 63 pixels. Image height: 414 pixels. Image size: 1,749 bytes.
Proton 8K82K Proton 8K82K launch vehicle with Kristall space station payload
Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: protonk.jpg. Image width: 205 pixels. Image height: 482 pixels. Image size: 27,434 bytes.
Proton 8K82K/DM Proton 8K82K / Block DM launch vehicle
Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: protonkd.jpg. Image width: 103 pixels. Image height: 422 pixels. Image size: 4,278 bytes.
Proton launch Credit: Lockheed-Martin. File Name: protonl3.jpg. Image width: 134 pixels. Image height: 503 pixels. Image size: 14,171 bytes.
Proton liftoff Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: protonlo.jpg. Image width: 312 pixels. Image height: 238 pixels. Image size: 12,381 bytes.
Proton sunrise Credit: Lockheed Martin. File Name: protosun.jpg. Image width: 181 pixels. Image height: 273 pixels. Image size: 6,963 bytes.
Protpyld Location: Baikonur. Credit: © Mark Wade. File Name: protpyld.jpg. Image width: 671 pixels. Image height: 154 pixels. Image size: 17,203 bytes.
PSLV PSLV - Polar Standard Launch Vehicle
Credit: ISRC. File Name: pslv.jpg. Image width: 78 pixels. Image height: 293 pixels. Image size: 5,224 bytes.
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