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Designer: Hughes. Propellants: Electric/Xenon Thrust(vac): 0 kgf. Thrust(vac): 0.00 kN. Isp: 2,585 sec. Mass Engine: 68 kg. Diameter: 0.3 m. Chambers: 1. Country: USA. Status: In Production.

The development of the 18mN Xenon ion thruster subsystem for telecom satellites could have use in low force thrusters for attitude control. The Xenon ion propulsion subsystems (coined by Hughes Research Labs), or XIPS comprises four 13cm thrusters (two primary and two back-up) power supply. Each has 439W input off 29.34Vdc, and a propellant storage and control unit. The total XIPS system mass is 68 kg. The Hughes Company states that the system was developed from work on a 25cm dia 63.5cm thruster that provided Isp of 2800 secs at 1.3kW input.. Manufacturer: Hughes Research Laboratories. Thrust: 17.8mN. Beam Voltage: 751 V. Accelerator Voltage: -300 V. Beam Current: 0.405 A. Accelerator Current: 0.97 mA. Exhaust Velocity: 30 km/sec. Isp: 2585 sec. Beam Power: 304 W. Power/Thrust Ratio: 24.6 W/mN. Electrical Efficiency: 51.3%. Mass: 5.0 kg each thruster (x4). 6.8 kg each power processor (x4). 2.0 kg each Xe tank (x2).

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