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Designer: Aerojet. Propellants: N2O4/MMH Thrust(vac): 1,700 kgf. Thrust(vac): 16.70 kN. Isp: 328 sec. Mass Engine: 76 kg. Length: 1.3 m. Chambers: 1. Chamber Pressure: 23.80 bar. Area Ratio: 132.00. Country: USA. Status: Out of Production.

The Transtar system was an upper stage engine using injector(s), chamber, and nozzle derived from the OMS system. These propellants are pump-fed which increase chamber pressure and Isp. They also permit the use of low-pressure lightweight tanks.. Manufacturer: AeroJet Propulsion Division. Applications: upper stage. Mounting: gimballed ( 10 degrees by two electromechanical actuators. Mixture Ratio: 1.8:1. Cooling Method: fuel regenerative for chamber, radiative for extension. Burn Time: not available, 15 starts.

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