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Designer: Rocketdyne. Used on stages: ALS, NLS Core, NLS HLV, NLS Semistage, Shuttle LRB. Used on launch vehicles: ALS, NLS, NLS HLV, Shuttle LRB. Propellants: Lox/LH2 Thrust(vac): 294,703 kgf. Thrust(vac): 2,890.00 kN. Isp: 431 sec. Isp (sea level): 365 sec. Mass Engine: 3,600 kg. Diameter: 2.3 m. Length: 3.9 m. Chambers: 1. Chamber Pressure: 153.10 bar. Area Ratio: 45.00. Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 6.00. Thrust to Weight Ratio: 81.86. Country: USA. Status: Developed -1990.

Space Transportation Main Engine. Rocketdyne was teamed with Aerojet and Pratt & Whitney on the STME, which was to have powered the next generation of large launch vehicles.. Life: design life of 10 missions, 99% design reliability and 100% - 99.995% Cat I probability. Dry Mass: 3600 kg. Length: 386 cm. Nozzle Diameter: 231 cm. Engine Cycle: gas generator. Mixture Ratio: 6.0:1. Thrust: step dual thrust 2890 kN at 100%, and 2020 kN at 70% vacuum. Isp: 430.5 sec at 100%, and 429.3 sec at 70%. Expansion Ratio: 45:1. Chamber Pressure: 153.1 atm.

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