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Credit: Thiokol. 1,781 bytes. 110 x 79 pixels.

Manufacturer Name: TE-M-775-1. Other Designations: 105-KS-45,220. Designer: Thiokol. Gross Mass: 8,068 kg. Empty Mass: 565 kg. Propellants: Solid Thrust(vac): 20,511 kgf. Thrust(vac): 242.80 kN. Isp: 288 sec. Burn time: 105 sec. Diameter: 1.9 m. Length: 2.6 m. Chambers: 1. Chamber Pressure: 34.00 bar. Country: USA. Status: In Production. Flown: 1.

A tested demonstration motor as a first step in the development of a perigee kick motor in the 4080-7940 kg propellant range. Some of its features include a slotted, center perforated grain in a graphite epoxy filament wound case. with a semi-submerged nozzle with a carbon/phenolic exit cone, and a consumption wafer-type igniter. Burn Rate: 56 mm/s at 34.0 atm and 15.5 Celsius. Burn Time: 105 sec. Action Time: 107 sec. Thrust: 242.83 kN maximum. Total impulse 2,174,539 kgf-s. Propellant mass fraction 0.93.

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