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Star-63D -

Credit: Thiokol. 2,038 bytes. 110 x 84 pixels.

Manufacturer Name: TU-936. Other Designations: 118-KS-19,050. Designer: Thiokol. Gross Mass: 3,499 kg. Empty Mass: 248 kg. Propellants: Solid Thrust(vac): 8,641 kgf. Isp: 283 sec. Burn time: 118 sec. Diameter: 1.6 m. Chambers: 1. Country: USA. Status: In Production. Flown: 8. References: 410 .

Perigee motor has successfully delivered two payloads to elliptical transfer orbit with no failures. Given a range of propellant loads, the STAR 63D payload capability ranges from 3,080 to 4,588 pounds at a constant velocity of 8,012 feet per second. Motor components are of proven design features and material, thus maximizing reliability. Total impulse 921,828 kgf-s. Propellant mass fraction 0.929.

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