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Manufacturer Name: TE-M-344-15. Government Designation: Titan Retro. Other Designations: 2.80-KS-439. Designer: Thiokol. Gross Mass: 4 kg. Empty Mass: 2 kg. Propellants: Solid Thrust(vac): 199 kgf. Isp: 266 sec. Burn time: 3 sec. Diameter: 0.1 m. Chambers: 1. Country: USA. Status: In Production. Flown: 915. References: 410 .

Titan Retro is designed to separate the second stage from the trans stage on the Titan II missile and Titan launch vehicle. The motor has been adapted for other uses. As the TE-M-488 for McDonnell Douglas, the operating temperature was lowered to -30 deg F, the skirts on both closures removed, and mounting lugs welded to the case. Mounting ears and studs on the head-end closure were provided for a Sandia National Laboratories program. Total impulse 567 kgf-s. Propellant mass fraction 0.462.

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