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Credit: Thiokol. 2,067 bytes. 110 x 98 pixels.

Manufacturer Name: TE-M-236. Government Designation: SARV Retro, MK IV. Other Designations: 7.5-KS-1,250. Designer: Thiokol. Gross Mass: 28 kg. Empty Mass: 10 kg. Propellants: Solid Thrust(vac): 567 kgf. Isp: 252 sec. Burn time: 8 sec. Diameter: 0.3 m. Chambers: 1. Country: USA. Status: In Production. Flown: 510. References: 410 .

SARV Retro, MK IV and V is a 60-pound motor using 40 pounds of propellant. It is designed for use as a retrograde rocket for an unmanned satellite vehicle. The outstanding feature of this motor is its extremely short length. For all future deliveries, changes will be made to this design. Due to the unavailability of outdated materials, the main grain propellant will be changed from TP-G-3085 to TP-H-3340. Because of the higher flame temperature of the TP-H-3340 propellant, the molybdenum throat insert will be changed to G-90 graphite material. Total impulse 4,693 kgf-s. Propellant mass fraction 0.66.

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