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Manufacturer Name: RD-56M. Government Designation: 11D56M. Other Designations: KVD-1M. Designer: Isayev. Developed in: 1994-. Application: Proton and Angara upper stage KVRB, 12KRB upper stage for GSLV (India). Used on stages: GSLV-3, N1 Block Sr, Proton KM-4. Used on launch vehicles: GSLV, N1F Sr. Propellants: Lox/LH2 Thrust(vac): 7,503 kgf. Thrust(vac): 73.58 kN. Isp: 461 sec. Chambers: 1. Country: Russia. Status: Developed 1994-. References: 89 , 342 . Comments: Engine for KVRB cryogenic kick stage. Was to be completed by the end of 1995 (Competing against motor by CADB). Currently no decision taken. Also used in 12KRB cryogenic upper stage for the Indian GSLV launcher.
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