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RD-109 -

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Manufacturer Name: RD-109. Government Designation: 8D711. Other Designations: GDU-10. Designer: Glushko. Developed in: 1957-60. Application: 8K73 stage 2. Propellants: Lox/UDMH Thrust(vac): 10,360 kgf. Thrust(vac): 101.60 kN. Isp: 334 sec. Burn time: 330 sec. Mass Engine: 210 kg. Diameter: 1.0 m. Length: 2.3 m. Chambers: 1. Chamber Pressure: 77.50 bar. Area Ratio: 58.50. Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 1.49. Country: Russia. Status: Developed 1957-60. First Flight: 1960. References: 7 , 8 , 174 , 320 .

Intended for the second stage of a Lox/UDMH version of the R-7. Glushko expected to improve engine specific impulse by 8 to 10 seconds over that of the Lox/Kerosene R-7 engines. The project was abandoned because of Korolev's refusal to use such a toxic fuel. However the engine became the basis of the RD-119 used on the Kosmos space launcher.

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