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Manufacturer Name: AJ23-132. Government Designation: LR-87-5. Designer: Aerojet. Used on launch vehicles: Titan 2. Propellants: N2O4/Aerozine-50 Thrust(vac): 111,844 kgf. Thrust(vac): 1,096.80 kN. Isp: 297 sec. Isp (sea level): 259 sec. Burn time: 155 sec. Mass Engine: 739 kg. Diameter: 1.1 m. Length: 3.1 m. Chambers: 1. Chamber Pressure: 53.30 bar. Area Ratio: 8.00. Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 1.93. Country: USA. Status: Out of Production. References: 225 .

Engines refurbished for space launcher versions from decommissioned missiles between 1974 - 1982.. Configuration: twin fixed motors with individual turbo-pumped assemblies. Application: Titan 2 Stage 1. First Flown: 1962 ICBM. Sept. 1988 orbital. Dry Mass: 739 kg. Length: 3.13 m. Maximum Diameter: 1.14 m. Engine Cycle: Gas generator. Propellants: hypergolic nitrogen tetroxide and Aerozine-50, delivered at 750 kg/sec. Mixture Ratio: 1.93:1. Thrust: 1913 kN sea level. Isp: 259 sec at sea level. Expansion Ratio: 8:1. Combustion Chamber Pressure: 53.3 atm. Burn Time: 158 sec.

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