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Manufacturer Name: KTDU-5A. Other Designations: S5.5, S5.5A. Designer: Isayev. Application: Luna E-6, Luna E-6LF, Luna E-6LS, Luna E-6M, Luna E-6S. Used on spacecraft: Luna E-6, Luna E-6LF, Luna E-6LS, Luna E-6M, Luna E-6S. Propellants: Nitric acid/Amine Thrust(vac): 4,643 kgf. Thrust(vac): 45.50 kN. Isp: 287 sec. Isp (sea level): 117 sec. Burn time: 43 sec. Mass Engine: 48 kg. Diameter: 1.7 m. Length: 1.9 m. Chambers: 1 + 3. Chamber Pressure: 62.80 bar. Area Ratio: 43.40. Oxidizer to Fuel Ratio: 3.60. Thrust to Weight Ratio: 50.47. Country: Russia. Status: Out of Production. References: 85 , 225 , 320 , 329 , 342 , 344 . Comments: 1st turbopump engine with surface tension propellant management devices in tanks, allowing re-ignition in Zero-G. 3 fixed steering thrusters using the turbine exhaust gas for attitude control. Thrusts 45,5 + 0,245 kN. System mass 138,2 kg incl. tanks.
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