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Manufacturer Name: Lilliput. Designer: Glushko. Developed in: 1948. Application: Experimental. Propellants: Lox/Kerosene Chambers: 1. Status: Development 1948. References: 323 .

From 1947 the German team at Khimki was completing build of ten KS-59 'Lilliput' subscale versions of a radical new engine design. This featured a flat-plate injector, cylindrical combustion chamber, and a 60 atmosphere chamber pressure. The first engine was completed at the end of 1948. These were conceived by the Germans to test the design planned for the G-4/R-14. From the summer of 1949 to April 1950 100 tests were made of the engine. Although primarily intended to prove the use of Lox/Kerosene propellants, a wide range of propellants were tested, including exotic fluorine compounds and suspended beryllium hydride fuels. The Lilliput endured them all.

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