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Designer: Hercules. Used on stages: Shuttle ASRM. Used on launch vehicles: Shuttle ASRM. Gross Mass: 625,000 kg. Empty Mass: 75,000 kg. Propellants: Solid Thrust(vac): 1,587,302 kgf. Thrust(vac): 15,565.80 kN. Isp: 286 sec. Isp (sea level): 259 sec. Burn time: 133 sec. Diameter: 3.8 m. Length: 38.4 m. Chambers: 1. Country: USA. Status: Developed 1995-. Comments: Planned replacement for shuttle solid rocket boosters after the shuttle disaster. A billion dollars spent in development, but contract terminated when NASA decided to stay with Thiokol and a redesigned SRM.
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