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Propellants: Nitrogen Thrust(vac): 11 kgf. Thrust(vac): 0.11 kN. Isp: 68 sec. Mass Engine: 0 kg. Diameter: 0.0 m. Length: 0.1 m. Chambers: 1. Chamber Pressure: 136.00 bar. Country: USA. Status: In Production.

The module is designed to provide triaxial attitude control for small launch vehicles. The module itself comprises three cold gas thrusters operated by integral independent solenoid valves. The central thruster generates 111.2 N and the two lateral thrusters provide 55.6 N, each when operated with a 136 atm dinitrogen gas supply. Each has an Isp of 68 sec. The solenoid valves are pilot operated and have a response time of <5 millisec at max gas inlet pressure.. Manufacturer: Parker Bertea Aerospace. Operating Pressure Range: 136 - 13.6 atm. Thrust at 136 atm: 4.5 - 111.2 N and 8.9 - 55.6 N. Voltage: 28(4 Vdc. Response Time: 8 millisec max. Mass: 0.086 kg per thruster. Size: 25.4 mm diameter X 63.5 mm per thruster.

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