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Spacecraft: Mars 2MV-2.

Spacecraft: Mars 2MV-1.

Spacecraft: Mars 2MV-3. Mars probe intended to make a soft landing on Mars.

Spacecraft: Mars 2MV-4.

Mars probe intended to photograph Mars on a flyby trajectory. It carried various scientific and communications equipment including a magnetometer probe, a high-gain antenna, an omnidirectional antenna, a semi-directional antenna, and photographic equipment.

Spacecraft: Venera 2V (V-69).

Spacecraft was very similar to Venera 4 / 1V (V-67) although the descent module was of a stronger design. When the atmosphere of Venus was approached, a capsule weighing 405 kg and containing scientific instruments was jettisoned from the main spacecraft. During descent towards the surface of Venus, a parachute opened to slow the rate of descent. For 53 min on May 16, 1969, while the capsule was suspended from the parachute, data from the Venusian atmosphere were returned. The spacecraft also carried a medallion bearing the coat of arms of the U.S.S.R. and a bas-relief of V.I. Lenin to the night side of Venus.

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