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Yastreb space suit
Yastreb space suit - Yastreb space suit used by Leonov in first spacewalk

Credit: Andy Salmon. 21,911 bytes. 230 x 495 pixels.

Class: Manned. Type: Space Suits. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: Zvezda.

The Yastreb suit was the first suit designed in the Soviet Union for extra-vehicular activity. Design began in 1965, and it was initially to be worn on the aborted Soyuz 1/2 1967 crew transfer mission. It was only worn on the Soyuz 4/5 mission, the EVA on Soyuz 7/8 having been cancelled when the spacecraft failed to dock. Yastreb's regenerative life support system was small, designed to be worn on the chest or on the shin, in order to allow the cosmonaut to get through the relatively small Soyuz orbital module hatch. A complex pulley system was used to provide the suit with flexibility.


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