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Article Number: 11F650. Code Name: Orlets. Class: Surveillance. Type: Military. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: TsKB.

Extremely high resolution version of Yantar studied in 1969. A draft project was completed in May 1977, but the decision was made to keep the basic Yantar-2K satellite bus instead., and the code name was subsequently applied to the resulting Orlets-1 reconnaissance satellite.


Yantar-6K Chronology

01 May 1977 Council of Chief Designers reconsiders Yantar Soviet reconnsat designs

Flight trials of the Yantar-2K indicated the satellite was not capable of providing strategic warning of attack. The planned Yantar-6K series, in development since 1969, were overweight and behind schedule. A meeting of the Council of Chief Designers at TsSKB reviewed alternative approaches. It was decided that three variants of the Yantar-2K were to be developed, one of them the high resolution Yantar-4K.


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