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Soviet Reconnsats
Soviet Reconnsats - Soviet reconnaissance satellites. Top row: Zenit-2, Zenit-4, Advanced Zenit with aerodynamic orientation; Middle Row: Yantar 1K, Yantar 2K, Orlets-1 with multiple return capsules; bottom row, Buran-serviced pallet-based satellite; Yantar 4KS electrooptical

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Article Number: 11F630. Class: Surveillance. Type: Military. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: TsKB.

Survey reconnaissance satellite project worked on by Kozlov from 1967, succeeding Yantar-1. To be launched on Soyuz 11A511M launch vehicle. Yantar- 1KF test-construction work began in 1970, but was cancelled when the decision was taken not to proceed with the necessary launch vehicle. Never went into production. While it used systems from the Yantar-2K, it retained a re-entry vehicle of the Zenit type.



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