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Class: Manned. Type: Rocketplane. Nation: USA. Manufacturer: Bell.

The X-1A, B, and D were essentially identical rocketplanes intended to reach speeds above Mach 2. The X-1A and X-1D were destroyed in in-flight explosions; the X-1B survived, training future moon lander Neil Armstrong on its last flights in 1958.


X-1D Chronology

24 July 1951 X-1D Flight 1 Flight Crew: Ziegler.

Bell flight 1. Glide flight for familiarization. Nose landing gear broken on landing. Following repairs, plane turned over to the Air Force.

22 August 1951 X-1D Flight 2 Flight Crew: Everest.

AF flight 1. Launch aborted, but X-1D suffered low-order explosion during pressurization for fuel jettison. Plane jettisoned from B-50. X-1D exploded on impact with desert. Everest managed to get into B-50 bomb bay before drop.


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