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Class: Materials. Nation: USA. Agency: NASA.

Wake Shield Facility; released and later retrieved by the Shuttle in a single mission; semiconductor materials research.


Total Mass: 1,935 kg.

WSF Chronology

07 September 1995 WSF 2 Launch Site: Cape Canaveral . Launch Vehicle: Shuttle. Mass: 1,935 kg. Perigee: 397 km. Apogee: 405 km. Inclination: 28.5 deg.

Wake Shield Facility; released by STS-69 9/11/95; retrieved 9/14/95; semiconductor materials research. Retrieved by Endeavour Sep 14

19 November 1996 WSF Launch Site: Cape Canaveral . Launch Vehicle: Shuttle. Perigee: 347 km. Apogee: 359 km. Inclination: 28.5 deg.

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