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Other Designations: Weapons Research Establishment Satellite. Class: Earth. Type: Atmosphere. Nation: Australia. Manufacturer: Australian Weapons Research Establishment.

Australian Weapons Research Establishment Satellite, launched using surplus US Army Redstone missile, that obtained solar radiation, upper atmosphere data.


Total Mass: 45 kg.

Wresat Chronology

29 November 1967 Wresat 1 Launch Site: Woomera . Launch Vehicle: Redstone. Mass: 45 kg. Perigee: 198 km. Apogee: 1,252 km. Inclination: 83.3 deg.

Weapons Research Establishment Satellite; solar radiation, upper atmosphere data. WRESAT 1 launched for upper atmosphere and space research at 1419 h central standard time, from Woomera, South Australia. Launch vehicle based on Redstone.


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