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US-P -

Credit: Mark Wade. 21,052 bytes. 320 x 209 pixels.

Article Number: 17F120. Manufacturer's Designation: US-PU. Class: ELINT. Type: Naval reconnaisance. Nation: USSR. Manufacturer: KBYu.

EORSAT (Electronic Ocean Reconnaisance Satellite) proivding ELINT services for Soviet Navy. Second generation systems were be developed in the second half of the 1970's and deployed in the first half of the 1980's. The modernized naval reconnaissance system Idoegramma-Pirs consisting of systems Pirs-1 and Pirs-2. These evidently correspond to the satellites designted US-PM and US-PU, but it is not known which corresponds to which and and which launches represent one or the other type. Modernized version of US-P; stationed at 120 degree intervals on the same orbit with a 0 degree ascending node.



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