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USAF Station
USAF Station
USAF Recommended Station

Credit: NASA. 4,764 bytes. 619 x 206 pixels.

Class: Manned. Type: Space Station. Nation: USA. Agency: USAF.

During 1962 NASA Centers, the Air Force, and many of the major aerospace contractors were developing possible space station concepts and studying their potential uses. The Air Force recommended concept of the period is shown here. The station would apparently be launched by a member of the USAF Titan vehicle family. The Centaur-derived upper stage is 3.05 m in diameter and is equipped with four RL10 engines. In the artificial-G station concept, the spent stage provides a counterweight to the separate space station module. The zero-G station uses the spent stage concept to outfit the hydrogen tank of the upper stage with a three-story living and working area. The station is launched unmanned. Crews are rotated using a Saturn-I or Titan-3 launched Apollo spacecraft.

Zero-G StationZero-G Station

Credit: NASA. 6,392 bytes. 424 x 386 pixels.


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