Uragan / BOR-4

Chronology Mission: Manned space plane. Number Flights: 1. Country: Russia. Total Length: 12.5 m. Maximum Diameter: 9.5 m. Total Mass: 13,000 kg.

Following test of the 4,220 kg MiG 105-11 manned subsonic test bed, development of a larger manned 'space interceptor' was authorized in September 1978. This spaceplane, supposedly called 'Uragan', was to be launched atop the new Zenit launch vehicle. The BOR-4 unmanned subscale orbital test craft, verified the configuration in four hypersonic reentry tests between 1982 and 1984. A first group of six Air Force pilot cosmonauts were selected to work on the program from the outset. A second group of at least three cosmonauts was selected in 1985, seeming to indicate that flights would begin in the next few years. The dimensions and weight are based on U. S. Department of Defense information issued in 1986. The DoD claimed that the interceptor was to be armed with space-to-space missiles, evidently in response to US military shuttle missions. Uragan was cancelled in September 1987 for unknown reasons before the first flight of the Buran shuttle. Possibly the cancellation of US Shuttle polar orbit military missions from Vandenberg after the Challenger explosion eliminated the space interceptor's mission.

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