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Class: Planetary. Type: Lunar. Nation: USA.

Follow-on Surveyor unmanned lunar landers were to deploy small nuclear-powered rovers (a carry-over from the cancelled Prospector spacecraft). As Surveyor experienced greater delays, and budgets tightened, the rover was cancelled.


Surveyor Lunar Rover Chronology

18 March 1965 Isotope generator for the Surveyor Apollo lunar roving vehicle Program: Apollo.

The Atomic Energy Commission evaluated proposals by Radio Corporation of America and General Electric (GE) for an isotope generator for the Surveyor lunar roving vehicle, and assigned follow-on work to the latter firm. GE's concept, it was felt, was compatible with the possible requirement that the fuel source might have to be carried separately aboard the LEM. MSC's Propulsion and Power Division reported that the generator's "prospects . . . look(ed) very promising."

21 July 1965 Surveyor small rover cancelled Program: Apollo.

Several lunar surface vehicles received national attention:

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