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Polyus Combat Sat
Polyus Combat Sat - Cutaway of the Polyus 1 space weapons platform.

Credit: © Mark Wade. 24,576 bytes. 288 x 432 pixels.

Manufacturer's Designation: TMP. Class: Materials. Nation: Russia. Manufacturer: Khrunichev.

In 1990 KB Salyut proposed using the back-up of the Polyus 'star wars' test bed as a huge zero-gravity materials production facility. The 90 tonne spacecraft would return materials to earth in Ofora capsules, stretched versions of the VA capsule developed for the TKS manned ferry. Basic concepts would be proven on the TME Teknologia 20 tonne satellite to be launched by 1993. No backers for the concept were forthcoming and in 1992 further work on the Energia launch vehicle on which it depended was cancelled.


Total Length: 37.0 m. Maximum Diameter: 4.1 m. Total Mass: 20,000 kg. Electrical System: Solar Panels.


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